Rapport with Rhinos - 2000

1. Nicaragua
2. Samurai
3. Silent Duplicity
4. With Knowing Eyes
5. I Adore
6. Frau Eva
7. Gas Attendant
8. Smiles
9. Wind and Carstart
10. Retractionary

Download 'Retractionary' - mp3.

Evermore is:
Jeff Germscheid – vocals, piano, organ, synth
Blake F. Smith – guitars and related, vocals
Chris Rueger – bass, guitars, vocals
Vincent Alibrandi – drums and such

Additional musicians:
Ehren Bivins – bass (8,9)
Marie Hickey – vocals (4,5,6)
Pete Stringfellow – drums (4,6)
Rick L. Lay Jr. – percussion (9)

Nicaragua written by Blake Smith.
Samurai, Retractionary written by Blake Smith and Jeff Germscheid.
Silent Duplicity written by Chris Rueger.

1–3: New recordings from 2000 (from forthcoming 'Inflatable Penguin').
4–9: Selected recordings from "Research Among the Ruins"
10: A live performance by Freeman-Hertz-Germscheid (Blake and Jeff)

This was a filler album with some 'greatest hits', and a preview of some new tunes from the next album which was in progress. Sadly, the next album was always in progress.